The Pieces of My Life

Sometimes I wonder if there is anyone out there who has been a part of all of the pieces of my life….from my Ohio upbringing as a girl trying to find a comfort in her own skin, to my journey to independence in college and beyond, to the girl who found her best friend in Jon, to the professional, to the mom of two living in a mountain town…it has been a good life.  I feel lucky to have had the experiences that I have had as they have shaped who I am today. 

I am hoping that this blog can help to bring together two key pieces of my life:  my life as a marketer and my life as a mom.  Each day that goes by, I realize how these seemingly two different pieces of my life intersect so much more frequently than I had every imagined. 

So, expect stories and information here from these two pieces of my life.  My hope is that something here is helpful to you, or at a minimum that writing it becomes a way for me to bring the pieces together for myself. 

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