An “About” page is a very strange way to think about oneself.  I started writing this as bio just like I would as a marketer making a website for her company….”Leslie is the Chief Strategy Officer at CHG Healthcare, the leading physician staffing company in the United States…” and stopped after that sentence.  Is that really how I would introduce myself, or am I just programmed to begin that way?  So, another approach…

I am a mom, a wife, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a marketer, a technologist, a mentor, a thinker, and an athlete.  Born in Shelby, Ohio, a small town in northern Ohio, I pride myself in my small town roots.  I feel like growing up in this small town helped me to learn the value of good relationships – both having them, and not having them.  Traveling to southern Ohio for school at Miami of Ohio, and onward to life in Cincinnati, I was an resident of Ohio until my early twenties.  Determined to see more of the United States, and create an adventure, I left Ohio alone in 2000 never to return again as a resident.  Since then, I have turned into a mountain town girl residing with my husband Jon and our two little kiddos (Katharine – 2009, Matthew – 2012) in Park City, Utah.

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