Learning to Give

This week I am blessed by watching my children learn about giving. I am lucky enough to have the world’s best mom. She chooses to be good, to do good and to teach good.

This last Christmas, my mom gave a crisp $100 bill to each of her grandchildren and a note with some instructions:

Dear Matthew, Katharine, Claire and Daphne,

I am so proud that each of you show caring in some way for other people. We live in a big world in which all people are connected in some way. In 2020, we have seen an example of this in how the coronavirus has spread all over the world. We have also seen the positive ways that people have helped each other in this difficult time.

All 4 of you are growing up in families who share with others. You share your talents, your friendships, and your money with others. Early on your parents taught you to share part of the money you have been given as gifts.

This year I am giving each of you $100 to research and support a cause or causes you believe in. I would like you to look at different causes and see what is important to you. It might be something your family already supports or it might be something you find by searching in your local community, our country or beyond. For me, I support groups who feed those who are hungry, who need shelter, educate, or help in other ways in difficult times. These do not have to be your choices.

I hope that you will share your ideas with each other. It might be interesting to see what your cousins choose. The money does not have to go to one organization or group. It can be divided however you choose. During 2021, or next Thanksgiving at the latest, please let me know how you invested your $100.

I love you all and am thankful every day for all of you.


Pretty awesome. My kids have spent the last few months thinking about the causes they could support and how they could help. Katharine learned about the rainforests at school this year, and chose to support the Rainforest Alliance. Matthew thought that everyone should have food and supported the Park City Christian Center. Both of these two kids love to ski, and are concerned that climate change will make the snow go away and supported P.O.W. (Protect Our Winters). Finally, they feel like every kid should be able to go to college and chose to support the Park City Education Foundations “Bright Futures” program.

As they made their donations this week, my kids learned that giving feels good. Giving helps others. Giving makes the world a better place. Giving is something that you are born to do. Giving is also something that you have to practice and keep learning more about.

Thanks Mom (Gram) for passing on a piece of you.

One thought on “Learning to Give

  1. What a wonderful example living in a thoughtful, caring and loving family and community. Anne is certainly the best example of living a life of giving. Live to you all.

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