The Next Phase: No More Diapers

We may be coming close to a major milestone in the Snavely household.  Matthew has decided that he is okay with the potty.  He has been working hard at potty training for the last few weeks and wearing undies to school every day.  We are down to diapers for naps, overnight and of course skiing, with only a handful of accidents each week.  After a long five year run, the most hated baby accessory in our house, the diaper genie, may finally be able to be sent to the dumpster.

One of the things that I forgot about with potty training is the absolute celebration that we have begun to have over pee pee or poo poo.  I came home from work yesterday, and our babysitter was cheering Matthew on in the powder room, “You can do it Matthew!  Keep going!  You can put your poo poo in the potty.”  I proceeded to go running down the hall, adding to the cheering, “You’ve got it buddy!”  He takes it seriously, as obvious by the need to bring his camelback to the party.


What a difference 10 years makes.  10 years ago this month, Jon and I were celebrating our move to Utah and the purchase of our first home.  We were excited by finally moving to Park City, and taking on the life we wanted, where we wanted it.  Today, I find myself celebrating bodily functions with an almost three year old…Strangely, more excited than I was when we bought that first house.  Loving the reminiscing about all of the cuddly baby moments and the diapered toddler moments as we move into the next phase of life.

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