The Joy in Her Eyes

Katharine at ChristmasChristmas morning in State College with the Snavely’s.  Katharine is such a big girl (4 in this picture, but five days to her 5th birthday).  This holiday Katharine seems like such a grown up little girl.  Between her snuggling with Gigi and Gaga in their bed, giving hugs to Matthew with “I love you” whispered in his ear, and doing her projects (learning to knit, making bracelets, sticker mosaics and her butterfly pillow), she is no longer just tearing into the gifts and not enjoying them.  Her enthusiasm to live in the moment is motivating to all around her.  More than once this vacation, someone has said to me, “Katharine has such a positive outlook on life.”  This is one of the most important things that I hope that she learns in life.  The pure joy in her eyes when she is excited melts my heart and most around her.  It is wonderful to get to spend two weeks off with my sweetheart.

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